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“Greetings. Welcome to our product review website. My name is Richard. I’m the organizer, the administrator and the active user of this website.

Here you can find all the popular products from the online retail service Amazon. We make a detailed review with a description of the characteristics, useful properties and significant differences of all products. We also indicate where you can buy this or that thing at the best price.

The website is not an online retail service. All the tips that are published here are based solely on personal opinion, use and testing of the discussed product.”

Richard B. Albrecht

We are the team of specialists that tests the goods and writes the reviews for you!

Plumbingmaster.org founded in 2015 is the leading web-magazine devoted to reviews of goods for bathroom. We, Alex and Roger, as the administrators of this web site, give truly independent estimation for various goods for bathroom that currently appear for sale on Amazon.

We are the team that fairly shares with you the objective information through our site.

Gaining the speed by 2020, plumbingmaster.org is now attracting thousands of visitors monthly; the reviews performed on web site cover all the existing brands available on the US market.

Due to dozens of original, unbiased reviews that are ready in stock and will be published in coming months, plumbingmaster.org blog is on its way for strengthening its position as the most reputable guide for bathroom goods presented on the US market.

Providing objective information

The important fact is that none of the reviews available on plumbingmaster.org has never received sponsorship. All the content of our web site is written independently. The authors do not get any compensation for their work from the manufacturers of the goods.

Online advertisement and a small commission for selling products on Amazon help us to support this web site (here you can find additional information about our partnership and privacy policy).

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