Best shower panel system - Professional review

Best Shower Panel System 2020 – Professional Review

Best shower panel system with rain showerhead 2020!

Your daily cleansing routine becomes a luxury spa-like experience when you add these shower panels to your home. Offering a variety of spray settings, these panels let you choose from a relaxing muscle massage to a rejuvenating rainfall and other enjoyable settings with the touch of a button.

A great shower panel not only upgrades your present traditional showerhead; it also adds tons of functionality, fun and style to your room. The attractiveness alone of the top five best shower panels is quite impressive, intriguing buyers who want the most up-to-date designs in a choice of finishes. But the perfect shower is also about function.

Lots of bells and whistle are included with most of these shower panels. You’ll want professional insight to guide you when it comes to making a final decision. The Best shower panels reviews 2020 include:

  • A variety of features and settings.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Awesome design.
  • Ease of installation.

Here is your buyer’s guide to our picks for the top 5 shower panels for 2020

Best shower panels – comparison table

Picture Product Name Main characteristics Amazon Price
ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Rainfall Waterfall Shower Panel Tower Rain Massage System Product Dimensions: 18.3 x 8.3 x 59.1 inches.
Item Weight: 22.8 pounds.
Color: Brushed Nickel.
Material: Stainless Steel.
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AKDY Shower Panel Tower Unit Product Dimensions: 4.1 x 9.2 x 47.6 inches.
Item Weight: 13 pounds.
Material: Stainless Steel.
Check Price
Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Multi-Function Shower Panel Tower System – AKDY Shower Panel SP0056 Product Dimensions: 2.9 x 8.7 x 65 inches.
Item Weight: 22 pounds.
Material: Stainless Steel.
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Decor Star White Aluminum Glass Rainfall Shower Panel Rain Massage System Product Dimensions: 55 x 8.2 x 12.2 inches.
Item Weight: 31 pounds.
Material: Brass.
Color: White.
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1. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Rainfall Waterfall Shower Panel Tower Rain Massage System

This beauty features a fingerprint-free finish and five stage functions that are easy to operate.

Its brushed nickel finish and a strong, stainless steel frame give this panel a modern design look paired with durability and ease of cleaning. Its ABS showerhead can be either stationary or handheld for times when you just want to stand under the stream or direct a rejuvenating massage to any part of your body. A handy stainless steel shelf holds shampoos and soaps.
Just one handle’s switch lets you choose between the panel’s five functions: overhead rainfall, handheld shower, horizontal massage, waterfall shower, and waterspout. The low water spout is convenient for filling the tub.

The panel system incorporates 60 rainfall nozzles on its overhead and 48 nozzles for horizontal spray massage action. The hand showerhead is made of engineering grade plastics with an outer Zinc Alloy finish and PVD plating. The 59-inch hose is flexible and made of stainless steel.

You should able to install this shower panel with the help of a partner if you are at all familiar with plumbing. We recommend you purchase an Ox Box valve receptacle and hose-to-shower panel adapter to make the connections even easier. Of course, you can opt to hire a plumber to do the job for you, too. Be sure to have it installed at the correct height so the horizontal jets aren’t spraying you in the face.

The ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel is reasonably priced, considering its multiple abilities and the fact that it’s made of durable stainless steel. Do you hate fingerprints all over your shower stall? The brushed nickel finish on this panel absolutely leaves no such mess after handling it. It adds elegance and value to your bathroom. You’ll especially love the water pressure, especially from the rain head!


  • Elegant outlook.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good pressure of showerhead.
  • 60 vertical and 48 horizontal spray nozzles.


  • Difficult installation of shower panel.
  • Side jets are not quite functional.
  • Temperature adjustment is increasingly sensitive.
  • If you are not tall enough, horizontal jets will strike your face.

This product page on Amazon for details and customer reviews.

2. AKDY stainless steel Shower Panel Tower Unit review

This sleek, shiny unit has a luxury square rainfall showerhead for stress-relief showering.

This top-rated AKDY shower panel is made of high quality stainless steel for durability and good looks. It comes with a rainfall showerhead, a handheld showerhead with a chrome-plated brass hose, and there is a convenient tub spout for filling the tub when a bath is desired or, if you don’t have a tub, it’s great for washing your feet, too. The unit has valve controls with hot/cold integrated pressure balance. The hoses are located on the unit’s back, one for hot, and one for cold water. This shower panel is easy to install and it comes with the plumbing components necessary for installation. You need a minimum pressure of 29 psi and max of 72.7 psi. All of the panel’s functions work independently, so you never lose the water pressure you love.

For installing this panel, you may need a drill with a tile bit, channel lock pliers, and a Phillips-head screwdriver on hand. Just two wall brackets keep the unit sturdily in place and looking fantastic on your shower wall.

You’ll probably spend more time in shower than you ever did before once you have this AKDY panel put in. The handheld showerhead lets you target specific body areas with ease.


  • Produced of high quality stainless steel.
  • Very stylish and functional.
  • Looks good and is set firmly.
  • Provided with chromed brass hose.
  • Operates as it was expected.


  • Additional parts for shower panel installation are needed.
  • Professional plumber is needed to fulfill the installation.
  • Water pressure is much harder than it was expected.
  • Water supply pipes should come out of the wall.

This product page on Amazon for details and customer reviews.

3. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Multi-Function Shower Panel Tower System – AKDY Shower Panel SP0056

Imagine being able to work every function of this shower panel simultaneously for the ultimate resort spa experience!

The functions of this tower include:

  • Overhead waterfall and rainfall heads for cascading water to cover your body in the temperatures you enjoy.
  • Multiple nozzles for gentle, soothing spraying sensations.
  • A handheld wand for the freedom of targeting any portion of your body with water, especially hard-to-reach areas.

What’s the best thing about these functions? All of these modes can be used separately or all at the same time.

Use the body jets to treat your muscles to a relaxing massage, experience a downpour of soft rain, or aim the handheld showerhead to rinse behind your neck or under your arms. Run everything at the same time for an experience of hedonistic pleasure. The top handle on the unit controls the shower plus the water pressure, while the second handle is for the waterfall setting. A third handle controls the massage function and the bottom handle is for the sprayer. Turn them all on at once and enjoy (though you may lose a bit of that amazing water pressure when all are working together)!

The Perfetto Kitchen panel is made of durable stainless steel, with a modern brushed finish. The minimum pressure needed is 29 psi, with a maximum of 72.7 psi. The extra-long, chrome-plated brass hose of the handheld head is lightweight yet strong. Installing this tower is easy, as the unit comes with all the standard accessories you’ll need. If you want to ensure the best water pressure that is a hallmark of this unit, though, it’s a good idea to hire a pro to install it. The unit does not come with a waterspout, though, so it’s not useful for filling a bathtub. It’s best when placed in shower stalls.

Do you want a great value and a luxurious new shower experience to upgrade your bathroom? You will give houseguests a tour of your bathroom just to show them this shower panel!


  • Good price-quality ratio.
  • «Rain»-effect.
  • Optimal water pressure.
  • Variety of modes.


  • Difficult installation of shower panel.
  • Pressure gets lower when using all the functions at a time.

This product page on Amazon for details and customer reviews.

4. Decor Star White Aluminum Glass Rainfall Shower Panel Rain Massage System

Add European-styled elegance, durable function, and a spa-like retreat when you install this Décor Star shower panel in your master bathroom, or any bathroom in your home for that matter.

The white tempered glass design looks gorgeous against white tiled shower stalls. The construction is of a durable yet lightweight aluminum frame, making self-installation that much simpler. A three-stage shower function gives you the option to enjoy rainfall, horizontal massage spray, or a handheld shower. Each function has a single control, with the ability to use one function at a time. The 8-inch, super-thin rainfall showerhead has 81 nozzles. Those powerful massage jet panels consist of 8 circular heads. The handheld shower has a flexible, 59-inch hose and a contemporary styled brass head. Even the faucet is made of brass.

Install this beautiful unit yourself using the accompanying installation guide. If you need any help, phone up the manufacturer’s customer service center and they’ll help you with advice or send you a new replacement part for any that may be defective. Once this panel is in, the coverage you’ll get will be awesome! In fact, you’ll think that taking your formerly required, mundane shower is now the very best part of your day!

This company’s customer service department is extremely helpful, making installation of this shower panel a breeze. Once you’ve begun taking a shower, you won’t want to get out after your usual 3-minute wash-up. Friends will gush over its beauty and ask to take a shower just to see what the fuss is all about.


  • Best price and product appearance!
  • Elegant glass tray for accessories.
  • Three shower modes and 8 round adjustable massage jet heads.


  • Difficult installation.
  • Water pressure is too low.

This product page on Amazon for details and customer reviews.

Here’s another shower panel that will have you in awe. You can work all of its functions simultaneously for an ultimate resort hotel spa experience in your own home.

This panel is constructed of stainless steel and has bronze finishes. Experience personalized showering with built-in temperature controls and multiple function modes. There are 8 body jets, a rainfall overhead shower, handheld wand, and a waterfall outlet. The brass hose is lightweight and sturdy. Installation is easy, with standard installation accessories provided. The massage jets tilt, swivel, and are a bit adjustable so you can prevent getting sprayed in the face and direct the water in the direction you need it to go.

Enjoy the waterfall cascade for rinsing your head after shampooing. It would be helpful if the body jets were more adjustable than the simple swivel and tilt functions. The handheld wand would be even better if it had pulse modes added, but as is, it’s great for reaching the lower legs and feet for washing. The bottom line is that this unit looks fantastic, is a very good value, and will turn your shower into a relaxing spa.


  • Perfect water stream.
  • All the functions work independently and can operate at a time.
  • “Downpour”- effect.
  • Simple connection.
  • Temperature adjustment valve.
  • Lightweight and durable chromed brass hose.


  • Pressure gets lower when using all the functions at a time.
  • Minimal pressure required is 29 psi.

This product page on Amazon for details and customer reviews.

Best​ ​Shower Panels ​–​ ​Buyer’s​ ​Guide

Our Guide on What to Look For

When seeking out a new shower panel for your bathroom, seek out one with features that will really make a difference in your showering experience. You may want to ask the following questions before making your decision after reading over the reviews:

Are you a bath person or a shower person?

This is a no-brainer, right? If you love taking showers, getting a shower panel with all the perks they offer is made for you if you love taking showers instead of baths.

Is design important to you?

If so, you’ll have a myriad of choices when it comes to shower panels, from sleek stainless steel units to tempered glass ones.

What about price?

You can spend a fortune on a high-end shower panel or stay within your budget and still get all of the features you know you will love. Choose and weigh your options and what’s most important to you carefully to get the best value for your money.

Is strong water pressure important to you?

If so, look for the unit that offers a good balance of pressure, even when more than one function is being used.

Do you enjoy many different functions and settings?

Some people just want to know there’s a massage function in addition to a gentle rainfall showerhead and a handheld showerhead. If having multiple body jets that can spray out, different levels of massage, and being able to use all function simultaneously, look for the shower panel that can handle this without sacrificing quality. If you’re placing your panel in a tub/shower combination, a low tub spout will be of great interest to you for filling the bathtub. Some shower systems that you may not want to consider because of price and perhaps having options you don’t really need include those with colored lights. Do you really need this while you’re showering? It’s your decision, of course.

Are you good at installing plumbing items?

If you feel intimidated, don’t hesitate to call in a professional to complete the installation. If you feel you can accomplish this but don’t have too much plumbing experience, get the simplest unit that users have had little to not trouble installing. It’s also great if the manufacturer is available for questions and help.

Can your home’s water pressure accommodate the shower system you want?

After all, you don’t want to buy this type of unit, only to install it and find that water just drips out of the showerheads and nozzles rather than pulsates with power. Pay attention to the psi requirements and be aware that if your home uses well water, your pressure may fluctuate. If your household water pressure is less than 45 psi, you’ll likely need to put in a secondary water pump to boost the pressure.

Do you have adequate hot water supplies?

When you’re using a luxurious shower panel system, you’ll want to stay in the shower longer than you used to, enjoying the warm sensations and relaxing ambiance. This won’t work if your hot water heater can’t handle the load 20 gallons of water per minute you may be using. It’s a good idea to have at least a 75-100-gallon water tank or a tankless electric water heater in your home for this reason. You won’t want your shower time to suddenly turn cold in the middle of your stress-free experience!

The market trend for shower panel systems are strong because most people want a to experience the luxury of a resort-style shower in their own home. No longer satisfied with just having one showerhead in the bathroom, homeowners are opting to replace these soon-to-be relics with systems that offer whole-body sprays, handheld shower wands, and multli-functional rainfall heads.


Our Favorite Shower Panel System

All of the shower panels on this list are great and listed in no particular order. If we had to choose just one, though, we’d go with the Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Shower Panel. It offers simultaneous use of its functions, equally an incomparable showering experience. You can enjoy an invigorating massage, soothing, cascading water, and thorough rinsing for a spa shower like you’ve never had before, except perhaps in a four- or five-star hotel.

The other four options, however, also have their own special perks and preferences. The ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel is great for its fingerprint-free maintenance, modern design, and a handy shelf for holding the cosmetics you’ll need during your shower. There’s also a low water spout for tubs and foot washing that is very convenient. Chose the AKDY Shower Panel Tower Unit is a great value with a tub spout, integrated valve controls, and awesome water pressure.

The gorgeous Decor Star unit adds prestige to your shower via its appearance alone, but it offers much more than just a pretty face. Helpful customer service at this company lets you install the unit more easily. The 81 nozzles on the rainfall showerhead let you enjoy a wonderful soak. Don’t overlook the Golden Vantage Panel System, either. This unit also lets you enjoy all of its functions simultaneously. Its massage jets can be slightly adjusted to aim where you’d like them to aim to a certain degree.

Whichever unit you choose, take your time, read the reviews, look at the pros and cons of each unit, and buy with confidence.

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