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Toilet Buying Guide – How to Choose a Toilet

Choose the best toilet – expert’s help and tips!

When the time comes to replace an old toilet, it may seem at first, that this is an easy thing to do. There are so many sanitary ware shops and the choice is huge. However, in practice choosing a right model can be tricky. And since the purchased product is to last for more than a couple of years, it becomes clear, that every detail counts.

First, consider financial capacity.

The price depends on manufacturer, material and type of model. The models with affordable prices are worth considering, but surely premium products look more attractive and usually offer a longer lifespan. This is why it is so important to match product’s price and quality right.

Next, consider technical features of a toilet.

Method of toilet attachment

Regarding to method of attachment, there are floor standing, wall-mounted and wall-hung toilets.

Floor standing

This toilet type doesn’t require additional installation as it simply sets on the floor.  Installing it doesn’t require any specific skills.


  • Easy installation.
  • Competitive price.


  • Bulkiness.
  • Standard design.
  • Difficult cleaning.



  • Affordable price.
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • Tank hidden from view.
  • More stylish and less noisy.
  • Easy cleaning.


  • More expensive installation
  • Specialist help needed for tank problem solutions.


It is a stylish and modern device that withstands up to 400 kg and attaches to a brick or concrete wall. Fixing system is hidden behind trucking wall. Frame mounted and block retention systems are possible.


  • Stylish design.
  • Easy cleaning.


  • Higher price.
  • Specialist help needed in case of breakage.
  • Installing a new model entails additional restroom repair.

Integrated bidet toilet (toilet with built in bidet)

This toilet doesn’t take up a lot of space and combines both functions of toilet and bidet. Japanese manufacturer TOTO offers a wide range of this sanitary ware item.

Two-piece toilets & one-piece toilets

Two-piece toilets

This classic toilet, which is a structure consisting of a bowl and drain tank fastened to each other by bolts.

Models with normal individual tanks quite firmly hold its position in the plumbing market and installed in the homes of most Americans.


  • Easy to install — easy installation toilet.
  • These models are popular and come in a variety of colors. Wide price range — you can stay on the road and models, and select a budget option.


  • Elements that connect the bowl and tank, often fail and require replacement.
  • It will take more effort to maintain a clean toilet — due to the compounds, inaccessible areas you need more time to clean the toilet bowl.

One-piece toilets

One-piece toilet is indivisible structure. That is, the tank is not attached to the toilet bowl by means of bolts and the rubber seal and such a toilet is wholly moulded at the plant. Such products are considered more reliable, they are easy to install and use. In their design, there are no connections that can leak.


  • Easy of assembly — this is a one-piece model, wherein the bowl and the tank are a single unit. No need to buy something to connect them.
  • Durability — the integrity of the product makes it stronger and more reliable than counterparts with a separate design. No gaskets and seals in a toilet bowl, meaning it should not be leaking.
  • Easy care — in such toilets there are fewer crevices, corners where dirt can accumulate. One-Piece toilets are much easier to wash.
  • Easy installation — you need to connect the water supply, wastewater removal, fix the product on the floor. Done!


  • One-Piece toilets are more expensive than Two-Pieces ones — this is due to feature of production. Thus, the price — this is its main disadvantage.
  • A more complex repair in case of failure — it’s harder to replace the separate item because most likely you will have to buy a new set of fittings, which costs a lot.

Bowl shape

There are different types of toilet bowl shapes — visor, plate and funnel-shaped.

Plate bowls

This is classic. Its disadvantage is the fast spread of smell.

Sloping visor bowls

They slope towards the back or front wall of a bowl. The slope makes toilet wastes hit the wall of a toilet or the boundary of water and wall. Such design allows to avoid unwanted splatter and provides good water flow.

A definite advantage of this type of construction is the possibility to mask the smell.

Funnel-shaped bowls

This type’s specific feature is a steep slide. Its advantages are: water economy, bowl smears more rarely and smells spread less.

But this type of bowl has a significant disadvantage, which is а big amount of splashing due to a centered slot.

Toilet flush system

There are direct and circular types of flushing system. Sewer outfalls are vertical, horizontal and oblique.

Direct flushing

This type of flushing implies solid water stream down the back toilet wall.


  • Long lifespan.
  • Solid water stream removes any dirt.


  • Uneconomic.
  • Doesn’t wash over the whole bowl.
  • Strips of rust appear with time.

Circular flushing

Water flows down evenly, washing over the whole surface.


  • Low water spending.
  • Even clean-up of surface.


  • Hard water causes sewer clogging.

Other Features


Surely it is not easy to mix up with toilet’s dimensions, but sometimes it happens. It is inadvisable to choose a large size model for a small restroom and it is useful to know, that a corner toilet helps to save some extra space.

Material and colour

The most popular toilets are faience and porcelain. There are also cast-iron, plastic, steel and marble products. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Faience toilets’ advantage is a great combination of long service life and affordable price. Porcelain toilets are great for holding down the unpleasant smell, they don’t absorb dirt and are easy to clean.

Steel toilets please with rust resistance and solidity, but they are mostly used in government offices.

White is a classic toilet colour, it matches any colour scheme and is easy on the eye.

If restroom design allows it, any other colour would fit, so the choice is wide. Just make sure the colour scheme is matching.

Silent and good flushing

It is important to consider glaze smoothness, as it affects flushing quality. It would be good to check out the pipeline armature working capacity, for it depends on it how fast and silent tank fills with water. It works the same for all toilet brands, but the well-established manufacturers provide the best quality.

It is important to know

Some models provide additional options, such as automatic air purification and flushing or seat heating.

At a first glance it may seem difficult for an unexperienced person to get all the technical details, but still, it is quite possible to succeed. It is important to take into account, that a model you like might not be suitable in your case – all the item’s features need to be considered to make a sound choice.


Though we don’t have to think about choosing a new toilet too often, it is very important to take a responsible approach to this task and learn about all the relevant details. Otherwise, there is a risk to buy an uncomfortable toilet that will cause much inconvenience.

So before you buy a new toilet, don’t forget to check out the information from internet forums, read buyer’s guide and feedbacks on different toilet brands. Don’t be shy to ask your friends, what they use and what advantages and disadvantages they discovered while using, as a right choice and careful usage will provide years of service.

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